The Brick Double-Domino Effect Explained

The Brick Double-Domino Effect Explained Download in 3gp, Mp4 Free.

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If you use bricks as dominoes: you get a second wave going in the opposite direction.Watch the original brick domino video here: think that is the original upload. If anyone finds a better one, please do let me know.Support me on Patreon and help me make more videos like this. The overlap length should be 21 - √(21² - 6²) = 0.875 cm not the incorrect √(21² + 6²) - 21 = 0.84 cm I show on-screen. First spotted by Daryl Adriano.- A correction to my masonry terminology! What I called the width is actually the height of a brick (which makes sense given the orientation bricks are normally laid). The width is the third dimension: how far into the wall they reach. Thanks to Doodle Vids.- Let me know if you spot anything else!Music by Howard CarterDesign by Simon WrightMATT PARKER: Stand-up MathematicianWebsite: book: maths toys:

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