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Movierulz : Cyclops Shark Has One Eye. It’s hard to believe this thing is real and not some fictional cartoon character, but the one-eyed shark here is the real deal and it suffers from a rare condition that has caused the strange appearance. How in the world did it get like this?Cyclops Shark Caught by Enrique Lucero LeonBejarano-Álvarez, O. M., & Galván-Magaña, F. (2013). First report of an embryonic dusky shark (Carcharhinus obscurus) with cyclopia and other abnormalities. Marine Biodiversity Records, 6, e11.Article Link: of Cyclops Shark Credit: Enrique Lucero Leon, Marcela Bejarano-Alvarez & Pisces Fleet Sportfishing Media:1.Cyclops Eye (Spinning Picture): Marcela Bejarano-A'lvarez2. Cyclops Shark Mouth Open: Pisces Fleet Sportfishing 3. Dusky Shark: John Turnbull4. Shark in Womb Video: Wildlife Surgery5. Cyclops Shark Held (Ocean Backdrop): Enrique Lucero Leon6. Mike Wazowski: Pixar/Disney7. Cyclops Tomography: Bejarano-Álvarez & Galván-Magaña8. Cyclops Kitten: Traci Allen9. Cyclops Horse: Reddit/Unknown10. Cyclops Turtle: Rick Yang11-12. Cyclops Shark Measured: Marcela Bejarano-A'lvarez13. Sea of Cortez Dolphins: rslarrggg 14. Cyclops Shark on ground: Enrique Lucero Leon15. Sharks Swimming: Pema Suhu16. Fishermen Holding Cy Shark: Marcela Bejarano-A'lvarezMusicIntro: Brett Donnelly - Action Sting Youtube Music Library