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Movierulz : N Sync's official music video for 'Pop'. Click to listen to N Sync on Spotify: featured on The Best of N Sync: Greatest Hits. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: Play: From N SyncBye Bye Bye: I Promise You:'s Gonna Be Me: great 00s videos here: N SyncFacebook: to N Sync on YouTube: and tired of hearingAll these people talk aboutWhat's the deal with this pop lifeAnd when is gonna fade outThe thing you got to realizeWhat we doing is not a trendWe got the gift of melodyWe gonna bring it till the end(Come on now)It doesn't matter'Bout the car I drive orWhat I wear around my neckAll that mattersIs that you recognizeThat it's just about respectIt doesn't matterAbout the clothes I wearAnd where I go and whyAll that mattersIs that you get hyped andWe'll do it to you every time(Come on now)Do you ever wonder whyThis music gets you high?It takes you on a rideFeel it when your bodyStarts to rock(Your body starts to rock)Baby you can't stop(You can't stop)And the music's all you gotCome on nowThis must be, pop