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Movierulz : Here are some of the most mysterious animal deformities and mutations ever from strange cats with wings to weird bio goats.Subscribe to Talltanic Number 10: White TigersThe result of inbreeding bengal tigers, the white tiger is a real crowd pleasers at the zoo or at venues where people can see wild animals. Controversial and cruel to many as the inbreeding necessary to produce the rare pigmentation can cause painful mutations in the offspring...such as being cross eyed, having club feet, and early death.Number 09: OctogoatIt was May of 2014, and Coatian farmer Zoran Paparic couldn’t believe his eyes. He called over his neighbor to make sure he wasn’t going crazy. A baby goat with eight legs, and both sex organs was born. Dubbed Octogoat. Vets told the farmer that the extra limbs are from an underdeveloped twin sibling - a process called fetal absorption. While Octogoat’s status is unknown we hope the kid is doing well on Paparic’s farm.Number 08: Winged CatsThese could examples of matted fur, extra limbs, or it could be a condition called cutaneous asthenia - a mutation characterised by the extreme elasticity and stretching of the skin. More than 138 photos of winged cat cases have been reported, but none have claimed that these felines can fly. We’re going to have to wait for commercial genetic engineering to produce a flying cat.Number 07: Monkey PigA piglet with a simian like eyes, face, and jaw was born in a small Chinese village, and dubbed “monkey pig.” The owners worried they would never be able to sell it due to the horrifying deformity, but monkey pig quickly became a family pet, and a favorite among local tourists. Unfortunately...monkey pig soon died from complications from monkey pig’s mom refused to nurse it. Number 06: Double Muscled DogsDouble muscling is more commonly found in the beef industry where bovines like the Belgian Blue are bred with the genetic trait to have more meat to satisfy the demand for more beef. Then Wendy the whippet became famous on the today show. She showed us that dogs were being bred with the double muscle trait for racing and other dog sports. Wendy has twice the muscles that a typical whippet has, and is often mistaken for a pit bull.Number 05: Oxitec MosquitosThe CDC reports that Malaria killed over 400,000 people in 2015, and infects 214 million people worldwide. The disease is carried by the mosquito. Researchers at the Biotech Firm Oxitec have engineered mosquitoes whose offspring will not survive to adulthood. The firm wants to breed their mosquitos with the disease spreading mosquito population and stop epidemics like malaria and dengue fever. When given the greenlight by Brazil to trial in the town of Jacobina, the company claims that they were able to cull 85% of the dengue carrying mosquitos.Number 04: Popeye PigsEveryone loves bacon, but it’s so unhealthy... What if you could genetically engineer a pig to make it better for you? Well Japanese researches are trying to do that by inserting genes from spinach into pigs to produce pork with less, but healthier fat. It’s going to be a while before you see this healthy pork on your plates. The engineered piggies don’t always pass this trait onto their offspring, and the research is ongoing. Also, this is the first successful case of transferring a plant gene into a mammal.Number 03: Featherless ChickensThey may look disgusting, but think of the time it saves getting a chicken from the factory to the plate. Israeli scientists have genetically engineered chickens without feathers which could potentially save thousands of hours of plucking time every month, and reduce cooling costs at the factory. The researches claim the meat tastes the same as long as you don’t see one of the “horrible” creatures alive.Number 02 BioSteel GoatsResearches from the University of Wyoming developed a way to engineer silk spider genes into goats. The resulting goats milk produced a silk protein was reported to be stronger than steel, and shows promising applications in the medical and defense industry. Researchers say that other than the ability to produce the super silk milk the goats are healthy and behave normally.Number 01: Cyclops KittenCy was born three days after Christmas 2005in Oregon. A ragdoll kitten Cy was short for Cyclops. Named after the shocking birth defect of having a single eye, and no nose. Cy’s owner Traci stayed up the entire night feeding little Cy food through a syringe, and cared for it the next day. Cy died that evening.